The Rise of Whatsapp

Whatsapp changes everything in 2014-2015. Customer service, business and traditional media. Find out how when you download the report.

Age of Social TV


The age of the second-screen is here. Even as the switch to digital looms, the connected audience are transforming television and radio. Discover the 'Tujuane syndrome' and more.

Social Me-devolution


What does social media governance look like when devolved to 47 counties? Find out why citizens are turning to digital to organise at a county level.

What else is in the 2014 Nendo Trend Report?

The inaugural trend report builds on the learnings from East Africa's most active Twitter city and the social media landscape to present predictions for 2014-2015. These predictions draw on lessons learnt through the March 2013 General Elections, The Westgate Mall Attack and Kenya at 50 discussions into account. Find Nendo & Odipo Dev's incisive look at what to expect and how it changes business, media, governance and communications.

About Mark Kaigwa
Mark Kaigwa is an entrepreneur, professional speaker and digital native passionate about seeing Africa unlock its digital potential through great strategy and storytelling. He is one of Forbes 30 under 30 Best Young Entreprenuers in Africa (2013).

Mark Kaigwa
Founder, Nendo Ventures


2014, Nendo Ventures.


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It is encouraging to see how these 15 trends project the future. The growth of WhatsApp sees Kenya take its inherent social qualities and a greater role in social media. The role it will play in the devolution of governance are some of the key areas I would personally be watching closely.

Soud Hyder
Social Media Project Manager, Al Jazeera Media Network

2014 Nendo Social Media Trend Report

Download 15 of East Africa's definitive digital media trends for free.

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